Complaints Procedure

Unite Professionals treat all complaints seriously. We welcome complaints because they provide us with the opportunity to regularly review and improve our service.

If you wish to feedback regarding any aspect of the service received from Unite Professionals, you may discuss this with your Case Manager in the first instance.

Your Case Manager will take details and try to resolve it informally within 72 hours.

If the situation cannot be resolved to your satisfaction, then you may wish to write to:

Head of Operations
Unite Professionals Ltd
17a High Park Place
Tel: 01704 508777
Or e-mail a copy to
You should expect to receive acknowledgement within five working days.

You should expect any subsequent investigations and actions to be taken as a result of that investigation, to be completed within 21 days of your initial complaint.

If the complaint is regarding a service employed by Unite Professionals, e.g. a support service or other health professional, it will be necessary for Unite Professionals to forward a copy to the relevant organisation responsible for their performance. In this instance the organisation concerned may want to conduct their own investigations. We will handle the complaint on your behalf, if you wish us to do so, and keep you informed; but may not be able to resolve the complaint within our own timescales.

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