CQC: Registered Manager

Towards the end of 2020, Unite Professionals became registered with the CQC under the regulated activity “Personal Care”.

Here, in the first of our CQC series where we will hear from key staff involved in the CQC registration, UP Managing Director Jo Evans explains what her role as Registered Manager means to the business and CQC Registration.

Jo Evans

As the Registered Manager my role is to be legally responsible and accountable for the compliance of our Case Management service in delivering a service to the clients, we support that adheres to the associated regulations.

It is my responsibility to ensure that our Associate Case Managers and all UPL employees understand and deliver our service in line with the 16 regulations to meet and remain central to the clients wishes, individuality and autonomy.

Alongside other UPL team members, the Nominated Individual, Safeguarding Officer, Compliance/DPO and Clinical Quality Lead we will ensure that the Unite Professionals systems, training, support, accountability, financials and documentation are regularly reviewed.

My role is to ensure that all members of the team are familiar with these and will apply the principles as a matter of course. Embedding these principles into our services practice will ensure that the service Unite Professionals offer continues to improve, develop and deliver, is client centred and will meet the requirements of the CQC which is that of SAFE, EFFECTIVE, CARING, RESPONSIBLE and WELL LED.