UPL – customer BCP briefing notice

In these uncertain and challenging times, we want to reassure you that Unite Professionals has undertaken thorough contingency identifying and planning process. This process is regularly reviewed and all our staff and Case managers updated. The guidance used is informed by consistent and reputable advisors including the Gov/ NHS/ WHO and our own HR partner. This is our commitment to ensure Unite Professionals continue to provide class leading case management services to our key stakeholders including customer, clients, employees, associates and suppliers.

A number of the priority contingencies for business as usual include:

  • Case Managers are limiting face to face sessions and utilising multi-channel communication approach to our service such as telephone and video, to ensure your rehabilitation is our priority
  • Your own individualised Covid-19 Risk Assessment by your Case Manager to mitigate risks of your network of rehabilitation intervention providers, to ensure your ongoing access to rehabilitation is our priority
  • Our Case Managers are amongst the best in the UK for their combined clinical knowledge and expertise in delivering case management Unite Professionals have 10 years of experience integrating the use of remote technology to co-ordinate individualised plans ,engaging teams to continue to deliver clinical intervention with minimal disruption ,respecting appropriate Gov/ NHS guidance. Our Case managers will continue to monitor and review progress with the continuity of effective rehabilitation delivery.
  • Our central function and management team are moving to remote working utilising our remote technology experience, there will be no impact with your engagement with our teams
  • Utilising multi-channel communication as innovation within our service office in providing Initial Needs Assessments via these mediums will ensure identifying the ongoing needs of vulnerable clients is maintained and the clinicians can continue to use visual information to inform the clinical integrity of these reports and recommendations whilst ensuring clients are not further disadvantaged by further delay in accessing the vital information within INA’s

Our reassurance to you:

  • We want to reassure you that we are putting in place measures to ensure no client is left without rehabilitation intervention / support to continue their progress and rehabilitation as much as possible.
  • We want to reassure you that the IT and communications technology we will utilise is fit for purpose for dispersed working. The technology is resilient, robust and provides secure channels to ensure we continue to operate within all the relevant data protection parameters we are required to comply with.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support of Unite Professionals, acknowledging the coming months maybe some of the most challenging we have faced, however we wish to provide you with the confidence and comfort, Unite Professionals will continue to ensure your rehabilitation is our priority.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Warm regards

Robin Pickard

Head of Operations