Who are Unite Professionals?

We support people who have been injured; to manage their recovery and help them return to their pre-injury level of health and fitness. A dedicated Case Manager will plan and coordinate rehabilitation and recovery; and assist with return to work (if appropriate). All our Case Managers are minimum six-year post qualified Occupational Therapists.

What is Case Management?

Following an Immediate Needs Assessment report, a Case Manager will decide with the client on a plan of action, clearly stating what their goals for the future are. This could be anything from referring you for further medical treatment with a specialist, to getting you some help around the house until you’re feeling better.

As an Insurer, Claimant or Defence Lawyer how do I make a referral?

For all Case Management and Immediate Needs enquiries, please ring our Head of Operations on 01704 508777; or complete an enquiry form; or email admin@uniteprofessionals.co.uk. We will be happy to discuss relevant skills, sector specialisms and location of our Case Managers in relation to your client’s needs.

What are your fees and who pays your costs?

The funding of our service can be sourced from many routes. Please contact us to discuss your needs in more detail and receive an up to date list of our fees.

Who do I speak to if I have a complaint?

We have a complaint procedure and welcome feedback via our Head of Operations, who can be reached by email or by phone 01704 508777..

Do you offer expert witness reports?

No, we focus on delivering bespoke, independent INA’s and expert Case Management.