Referral process

An enquiry is made to Unite Professionals Ltd via phone call, email or website. Click Here to contact us now.

Unite Professionals will

Discuss specifics: age, the client’s job, leisure interests, injuries and location.

Discuss particular CV’s of Case Managers who are the best “fit” considering all the information provided. This will include Case Manager current availability, experience, competencies, and geographical location.

Provide a choice of two/three CV’s and an invitation to discuss selection further with our Clinical Operations personnel.

The referral will provide information of agreement between the TPI (third party insurer) and the claimant solicitor on:

The terms of referral.

The date of the accident and as much detail around the medical management as is available.

Any injuries sustained as a result of the accident and treatment pathway.

Detail required by both parties to be addressed as part of the INA.

The client will be sent a medical authorisation form in advance of this meeting in order to agree that they are happy for all information pertaining to the injuries sustained as a result of the accident – and subsequent treatment and interventions – can be used to corroborate the INA.

Unite Professionals will acknowledge receipt of the referral to both referring parties and confirm when an appointment for this assessment has been made/ agreed with the client.

Case Management