Introducing Robin Pickard, UPL’s New Head of Operations

We’re pleased to introduce Robin Pickard, who joined Unite Professionals as Head of Operations in March 2020.

Robin has 15 years’ senior management experience in numerous different health-related business sectors. He has worked with other case management companies, not for profits and most recently a large global provider.

Robin brings over 25 years’ experience in the rehabilitation sector and specialised primarily in vocational rehabilitation. He’s worked in Scotland, in Australia for four years, in London and is now based in Yorkshire. He’s currently working from home but will be based in Unite Professionals’ Southport office.

Q&A with Robin

What interests you about rehabilitation?

I think it’s the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives who by no fault of their own find themselves in a very difficult position. I feel honoured to have the opportunity to provide a service to people in need and assist them on their journey back to health and back to work. It’s a privilege to be able to impact so many aspects of peoples’ lives, their work, health, family, financial, socialising and leisure. It’s also a great opportunity within rehabilitation process to carry on the excellent work that the NHS provides in a commercial environment.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I like to hang out with my family, of whom which I am spending a lot of time with right now! I have two kids, Tamlin who is four and Alfie Rose who is 8. I also enjoy cooking, running, golfing and watch a lot of TV and movies.

What is your favourite film?

In Bruges

What was the first band you ever saw?

Big Country when I was 16 years old

What are your goals at Unite Professionals?

I plan to continue to grow the clinical excellence in case management and maintaining the high standard that Unite Professionals offers to their customers and clients. My goal is to ensure that the business continues to grow and prosper and to offer more people the very high standard of case management that they offer.