Unite Professionals case manager Ronel Terblanche has work published in major new brain injury book

A Unite Professionals Case Manager has recently had work published after being invited to contribute her expertise to a major new book about brain injuries.

The book, Traumatic Brain Injury – A Clinician’s Guide to Diagnosis, Management and Rehabilitation, has been published by Springer.

Unite Professionals’ own Ronel Terblanche contributed an entire chapter to the book, titled ‘Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI) Affects the Family, Not Just the Injured Individual’.

Ronel’s experience working for 13 years as a Neurological Occupational Therapist for the UK Ministry of Defence has given her a unique perspective to contribute to this book. She was a key part of a NATO working party that aimed to combat mTBI in a combat setting and training in the UK, Europe and North America. She specialises in the field of mild traumatic brain injury, establishing and delivering an assessment and treatment programme unique within the field of mtbi (concussion) with service personnel. It was this experience that garnered the invitation to contribute to the book.

Ronel’s chapter aims to pull together the available evidence from the fields of mTBI, PTSD, and military deployments, to identify what impact mTBI may have on family reintegration and how the family can be best supported to enable recovery and adjustment after injury.

Ronel said: “The effects of mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) on an individual have been discussed in the literature, with specific emphasis on somatic, cognitive, and psychological consequences after such an injury.

“Further focus has also been placed on diagnosis, assessment, and, to some extent, treatment modalities used within the field of mTBI.

“Mild brain injury involves a large working party of support including doctors and psychiatrists, who also contributed to the book, but the view from the side of the occupational therapist is different. We deal a lot with the family of the injured person, getting a different perspective of how brain injury impacts the people involved. Many others don’t see that side of it.

“There is currently extremely limited research that has focused on the impact of an mTBI on the family and reintegration after injury. My contribution to this book, which is a major work involving contributions from a wide range of experts, examines that evidence with the aim of identifying and understanding the true impact of mTBI on family reintegration.”

Jo Evans, Unite Professionals’ Managing Director said: “This is a wonderful achievement and an incredible endorsement of Ronel’s skill, knowledge and passion for the subject matter. I’m sure this book will go on to be an invaluable resource for anybody involved with brain injury rehabilitation for many years to come.”