Occupational Health: A Lifelong Career

As a student in school Marion Perrin was attracted to a career in Occupational Therapy. Now as a semi-retired Occupational Therapist and Case Manager for Unite Professionals she shares her thoughts on how Occupational Health has been a lifelong career choice.

Occupational therapy is a profession that allows one to work with people with any problem or condition. Covering such a huge area there will always be a need for OT support.

Marion Perrin

Apart from the more obvious health care settings such as hospitals to support inpatient discharge, social services and care in the community; occupational health professionals can be found working in a diverse range of settings.

Age doesn’t matter! Children of all ages from neonatal, to school to young adults in college may work with allied health professionals.

People with mental health difficulties, eating disorders, the armed forces, those with learning difficulties, and even forensics all can feature an OT.

Occupational health can involve working with music, art and rehabilitation craft workshops. There really is no end to what an Occupational Therapist could do and no limit on the type of condition that may benefit from OT input.

A Job for Life

Occupational Therapy can be a job for life and this is what attracted me to the profession too.  I have progressed from newly qualified, to management and along the way I have been able to help so many people.

I am now in my more ‘twilight’ years, but being an Occupational Therapist has not meant total retirement! It has enabled me to adapt my work in the profession and into case management allowing the years and variety of experience to provide support to people following a traumatic accident.  This has allowed me to pull together life experiences and professional experiences to support a rehabilitation pathway for clients.

Taking part in meaningful activity brings about positive changes – just being able to guide someone to be independent in their personal care, or being able to go outdoors in the garden is a huge reward.

If I have been able to help someone with their problems, provide goals for them to reach within their capability, that means that person is empowered and their life will show great improvement. As OT’s we are already grounded in our way of working and helping others and like our patients and clients, we are up for all manner of challenges. We adapt to fill the needs of the population that need us.

And that is why I love being an Occupational Therapist.

Marion Perrin is a qualified OT and Case Manager for Unite Professionals. You can view her professional profile here.