“Wow! What an amazing job you have done, just brilliant, how on earth you got all that information like that, such a talented Case Manager, and an absolutely lovely young lady too. You were so great to talk to and my son really liked you too. What an absolute credit you are to Unite Professionals”.

Mrs W, mother of client / Oxford

“We have found Unite Professionals to be extremely efficient in every aspect of our Case Management, nothing ever seems to be a problem, and everything is dealt with very promptly and with great professionalism. It is a pleasure to work with you all, keep up the good work.”

Mr & Mrs C / Stockport

“While experiencing probably the worst circumstances in our lives, we have truly felt like we had friends to contact; sometimes just to talk with. That has proved to be invaluable to us in our moments of need.”

Mr & Mrs J / Sheffield

“Thank you all for your support and the hard work you have done for us over the past three years.Our Case Manager can tell you about the amazing progress my husband has made thanks to the UP team, you can be very proud of yourselves!”

Mr & Mrs F / St Albans


“I have liked working with Unite Professionals Ltd over the years due to the obvious professionalism and expertise of their case managers, good supervision by Jo Evans when needed and her and her team’s ability to convey to insurers on jointly instructed cases the plight of the client and fighting the client’s corner on various rehab issues. Never do they compromise on what is in the client’s best interests.”

“My experience Unite Professionals Ltd are up there as the best. I am very pleased to endorse and highly recommend Unite Professionals Ltd as efficient, caring, professional and knowledgeable.”

“I consider the service UP provide to be peerless. The case managers are very proactive, knowledgeable and work extremely well with both the clients and multi-disciplinary team members to ensure the clients receive the best possible rehabilitation. They are all approachable and really listen to the clients. The case managers receive fantastic support from the rehab coordinators and the managing director, Jo Evans, who shows a keen and formed interest in all cases, such that if the case manager is unavailable there is always someone else able to expertly assist. Unite Professionals are always my first choice for case management.”

“At our law firm we are committed to securing rehabilitation for our injured clients as early in their recovery as possible. We have used Unite for a number of years now to achieve this and have very good feedback from our clients regarding the service provided. They are regularly welcomed in hospital to help with discharge and then proactively manage MDT rehab packages involving state and private provision. They have good relations with insurers so the release of money to fund recommendations is normally straight forward. We are happy to recommend them to others in our line of work.”

“Compassionate and knowledgeable input from the Case Manager in a case where the client had suffered life-changing injuries and needed intensive support. The Case Manager also demonstrated an understanding of how the legal and Case Management side interacted and impacted on each other, so we worked together in the client’s best interests with excellent results.”

“Caring, professional and very much on the ball, always acting promptly with our clients’ best interests at heart. Helping us to achieve the best possible outcomes for our seriously injured clients. I would have no hesitation in recommending Unite Professionals.”

Insurance Companies

“Unite Professionals Ltd with their passionate belief in working for the injured party on a jointly instructed basis to get the best possible outcome.It can be very challenging for the case managers with the different pressures from claimant and defendants. I applaud the approach they take and the fact they stick to their principles, they are always open to debate if challenged and advocate a team approach to try and make sure the injured party regains as much independence as possible.”

“UP team have a wealth of experience and confidence within the rehabilitation arena and this helps put the injured party at ease. Reporting and recommendations are clear.Unite Professionals have always been accessible, friendly and extremely knowledgeable.”

“Unite adhere to the principles of the Rehabilitation Code.”

“I welcome the joint approach taken by Unite and their ability to get insurers and claimant lawyers talking to each other to the ultimate benefit of the claimant. This is an approach that I would like to see adopted throughout the industry.”