INA Report

The INA report focuses on the impact of the injuries sustained on all areas of the client’s life, including personal care, leisure, transport, mood and work related issues.

If indicated, the report will include the use of DVD footage and/or photographs.

The report details the client’s goals for rehabilitation and the recommendations of the Case Manager for services, treatment and equipment in order to support the achievement of the client’s goals.

We give an overview of likely costs for rehabilitation intervention inclusive of, and observing, the statutory and private options available; along with Case Management hours over a set period of time.

Following referral to complete an INA we:

Assess the client within 10 working days of instruction.

Assess the client within whichever environment is most convenient for them.

Complete the report within 10 working days of the assessment visit.

Provide the report to all parties within 15 working days of assessment.

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