Remote personal training proves successful for UPL client

Alex Jones, case manager at Unite Professionals, has been working with a personal trainer to provide remote rehabilitation for her client during the coronavirus lockdown. Learn about the impact her case management services have had on the client’s health and wellbeing and how Unite Professionals is supporting our clients in this challenging time:

My client fell in the work car park after her night shift about two and a half years ago, which left her with vestibular issues including loss of balance and dizziness. She was originally treated by a Neuro Physiotherapist which proved successful but as lockdown started getting to her, she lacked the motivation and stamina to stay physically engaged so I identified the need for her to become more active. We faced difficulties with funding for a personal trainer to help with her coordination and dizziness but were pleased to determine ways to find extra funds to provide this service to her.

It was really beneficial that the personal trainer, Steven Hitchcock, was proactive and already prepared with the technology and services to teach her virtually. It was a new process for her, but we worked together to explain to her how to use the technology, download the app, etc. The weekly check-ins that we arranged have really helped her to engage in the daily exercise programme. She’s felt extremely positive after being unsure of it in the get-go, and we continue to review every week and change the exercise to suit her as she progresses. She’s now enjoying the physical input more, it’s making her engage more in general and since he’s a personal trainer he is also encouraging her around nutrition even though she experienced a loss of taste and smell.

Steven has been a great voice for her holistic rehab: not only does he recommend daily exercise routines, but he also reminds her to take rest breaks and has been engaging with her regarding mindfulness and meditation. We are both doing weekly check-ins with her and the consistent narrative suggesting the same things to make her engage more has led her to believe more fully in her rehabilitation journey and the steps she can take to recover most effectively.

Virtual training won’t ever replace being alongside her as we need to ensure she is able to do her exercises safely, but this process has been extremely positive and rewarding. Thanks to Steven for his help and we hope our client continues to benefit from this positive reinforcement.

-Alex Jones, case manager at Unite Professionals

“It’s giving me weekly motivation, as I know I have to do the exercises daily, whereas before I couldn’t and wouldn’t do it. I’ve been told I have to do this and its really helpful for my balance, as that’s a little wayward at the moment. Also seeing him face to face is nice. I actually quite enjoy it, I am getting into it, I am going to be a quick fit fanatic soon! A bonus – no one can see me doing it my garden, too!”

  • A.L., UPL client

Unite Professionals is striving to provide the most effective case management services for our clients by employing necessary procedures and technologies to support them during this difficult time. Get in touch to learn how we can help or read more on our blog about remote personal training and physiotherapy.