smart devices in rehabilitation

Smart devices in rehabilitation – part 2

Unite Professionals case managers work alongside personal trainers to provide modern, effective rehabilitation for our clients that have suffered serious injuries. During lockdown, we’ve partnered with great PTs who have embraced technology to maintain effective rehabilitation and communication.

We looked at how one personal trainer took advantage of smartwatch technology in part one of this series. Here’s part two, which gives an overview of how personal trainer Jason Pinnager-Clare from Medi-Sport has utilised digital fitness trackers and telemetry bands to improve his service:

Jason has been analysing clients’ activity using smart devices like Apple Watches and FitBits to improve accountability, increase activity and motivate them. He has been able to set goals for his clients using health apps that sync with the digital fitness trackers to help them make better progress and feedback to him on their improvements.

He has also been incorporating a telemetry band that goes around your chest called Myzone to monitor data from activity and to help motivate clients to reach their goals. The device that wraps around your chest uses skin electrodes that measure things like metabolic activity, respiration and heartrate monitoring. It syncs with the smart devices or even a TV to show statistics in real-time, so for example you can heartrate zones in a range of colours.

Clients enjoy seeing the data because it can show that even a small increase in activity can actually make a significant impact, which can be really inspirational. The smart devices are also helpful for monitoring food and water intake, calories and sleep which is all very important for weight loss and health in general.

The device is also highly affordable at just £50-£100 and doesn’t require financial top-ups for things like software or updating. Insurance companies are using them because they know they can increase the health of their members, and there is lots of research coming out through RSM integrating tech into society to alleviate the NHS.

“For me as a rehabilitation specialist, I can get the user to share their activity during their session and we can even see screenshots of their activity, which allows you to go into the data in depth to understand more about their activity,” said Jason.

“MyZone also gives you a really illustrative graph of how the session went. It allows them to adjust their levels to make them work harder and helps set goals a bit steeper. I get the info emailed straight away after the session which is really helpful, and I also recommend that my clients use it to interact with others to create a more competitive environment which is highly motivational.”

Unite Professionals Case Managers work alongside personal trainers like Jason to use the data to ensure clients are achieving results and hitting key milestones in the rehabilitation journey. The smart devices supply excellent evidence—based proof for funders and also help keep our clients on track which is always our primary goal.