Spotlight on: Remote MSK Rehabilitation from Medi-Sport

Jason Pinniger-Clare is a rehabilitation specialist in muscular skeletal conditions with background in physiology. Unite Professionals case managers are working with his company, Medi-sport, during self-isolation to provide remote rehabilitation for seriously injured clients to continue their journey toward restoring them to the best possible function they could have.

Typically, after receiving a referral from a case manager, Jason would assess the client’s function by using dynamic testing in a gym environment, however he has transitioned his services to enable rehabilitation via video conferencing technology.

One particular client has seen incredible results from working with UPL Rehab Coordinator Becky Craddock and Medi-sport during lockdown. The client suffered a very serious road traffic accident which resulted in serious trauma poly-trauma injuries. After staying in hospital for several months, he lost his hearing and came out of hospital with a lot of muscle wastage and depression.

With help from Jason, we really managed to turn his life around. Our teamwork has helped him to walk without anyone noticing that he’s been in an injury, he’s returned back to hobbies and has actually become quite a gym junkie!

Unite were able to secure him the best possible devices to help with his hearing loss. We were able to get him set up with hearing aids in order to coordinate the remote physiotherapy which has also greatly improved his mood.

We are now seven months in working with the client and we are all pleased to see a really noticeable change. We’re pleased with the results and will continue working with him until we believe he’s at his best possible condition.

Our other clients have also benefited from the remote physiotherapy. A triathlete who suffered a severe car accident and went through multiple operations to be fitted with metal works is now two months in with a positive outlook on life and getting back to running! Another client who had to self-isolate from his wife, leaving him with no support would have regressed massively if we didn’t identify solutions to enable him to keep up with physiotherapy. We sourced equipment for him and ensured he had the right technology to keep on track.

“It’s very rewarding to work with UPL because they all want to make people’s lives better. The discretion of UPL is spot on, with regards to taking clients to the next level and identifying what’s really important is their strong suit.

“Their approach to the COVID-19 situation was incredible – we all worked together to look at all possibilities of how the businesses could work together to fully support the clients’ needs. They were highly proactive in preparing for the lockdown with tele meetings and planning sessions which really set them apart as a case management company”.

“Unite’s support is really, really great, from not just case managers but the people in admin and other members in occupational health and therapy. The whole team pulls together quite well, and everyone is easy to communicate with – you can always get hold of them. Outstanding!”

Jason typically works in London, Oxfordshire and the South coast, but due to his transition to effective remote rehab, he is able to provide physiotherapy to clients around the UK.

Contact Jason via his website or by searching Medi-Sport on Facebook or medisport_uk on Instagram.