Spotlight on Service: Vitality 360

It was a pleasure welcome Beverley Knops, Executive Manager of Vitality 360 to attend our most recent Spotlight on Service webinar.

Who Are Vitality 360?

  • A multidisciplinary team specialising in rehabilitation for individuals with persistent pain and fatigue. The team includes: CBT therapists, occupational therapists, careers consultants, physiotherapists and dieticians

What is their Goal? 

  • To develop vitality and positive coping strategies with their clients. 

Why Vitality 360? 

  • MDT all pull on their combined experience to provide bespoke programmes that measure  (through client feedback scores) a reported 89% improvement in vitality and operate as a fully integrated online service.

Former healthcare professional and Vitality 360 client Chris, says that the provision of online therapy has been a game changer. Because online therapy has allowed him to use his energy to be mentally and physically “present” during his appointments, he has still been able to perform other day to day activities that he may not have been able to manage if he had to travel to therapy sessions.

Thank you to Beverley Knop for taking the time to present at the UP Spotlight On session. More details on Vitality 360 can be found here.