Team member – Sharon Lusk 

Sharon Lusk 

Rehabilitation Co-Ordinator




Describe yourself in one sentence?

Approachable, trustworthy, dependable, cheerful, sincere, compassionate, hard-working, efficient and loyal.


Why would you use UP?

I would, without a doubt, use Unite Professionals if needed. Every member of the team is committed to our clients and all would go over and above to gain the best possible rehabilitation.

Further information

I am passionate about helping people receive the most appropriate support required in order that they can be the very best version of themselves.

Worked in mental health for the last 8 years.

Five years in special school for teenagers struggling with various mental health issues. Working with their teachers and families in order to achieve the very best support required in order to learn, progress and have confidence in their capabilities for now and in the future.  I feel very passionate about helping those who are not receiving help and support when it is very much required.

Moved to Somerset from Wirral 3 years ago to work in medium secure facility for adults with various mental health issues.  Here, I learned that any one of us could, at any given moment, find ourselves in a catastrophic situation due to no fault of our own. We should all show compassion and understanding to others,  each and every day.