The year that was 2020

As we close the year that was 2020, it is hard to not reflect on the huge changes that the global pandemic has brought us all. It cannot and should not be forgotten that COVID-19 has brought hardship to so many people through the loss of loved ones, employment challenges, personal mental health issues, commercial hardship, lack of contact with family and friends and so much more. But, in the positive spirit that is the heart of Unite Professionals, we wanted to reflect on the good things to come out of the year.


Our ability to see the opportunity to develop to the new “norm “and adapt to the necessary changes in March as we entered the first lockdown showed that our team were strong, willing to embrace change and do whatever it took to ensure clients continued to receive their rehabilitation services as much as they were able. Within days of the mid-March suggestion of remote working where possible we had our office team set up in their homes and implemented previously unused tools such as Goto Meeting, Zoom, and MS Teams to facilitate effective communication as well as office banter 😊.

It has been testament to the high quality of service providers we work with and the strong relationships UPL have developed with our referral sources that we were able to continue to receive referrals and adapt the way in which active rehabilitation was delivered. Often the UPL team were supporting service providers to explore alternative ways of delivering remote therapy (a new concept to many providers), put new services into client’s homes to help them adapt to yet another major change in their lives and adapt delivery in order to avoid where possible a break in rehab.


Towards the latter end of the year, we were proud to become registered with Care Quality Commission (CQC) meaning that our exemplary standards are now recognised by a regulatory board, giving our customers piece of mind that our business operates effectively, recognizing the need to listen and deliver rehabilitation to the clients we work with in a way that is meaningful to them, with a consistently high standard and with compassion.


It has been encouraging to see that despite an economic downturn, we have been able to continue to grow and maintain our forecast business development plan during 2020.  UPL have not only diversified our referral sources but have strengthened the relationships we already had with referral sources.  We were able to continue to develop our staffing and support for Case managers by recruiting new team members to join UPL; welcoming Robin as our Head of Ops, Steph in Finance, David in IT, Leah in Medical records and most recently Katy as our Clinical Quality Lead.


CM Jenny Cooper taking part in the UPL Relay

Never to shy away from a challenge or miss a party we hosted our first ever online annual conference that was met with great praise, enjoyed virtual staff socials, wine tasting, craft making, and weekly fitness classes. Two team members gained new professional qualifications and we had a wedding. In addition to this we completed a companywide relay team challenge raising over £1200 for the Trussell Trust and Marine Conservation Society which just goes to show that it takes more than a challenging year to dampen the spirit of the UPL team. We will continue to support in 2021 the Trussell Trust and plan new team activities to keep us all connected and supported 😊

We would like to wish everyone a happy New Year filled with new challenges, health and happiness and we look forward to working with you in 2021 and beyond.

From all at Unite Professionals Limited.