Unite Professionals’ 10 Year Anniversary: Our place in the industry

In part one of her reflection on ten years of Unite Professionals, we hear from MD Jo Evans about her views on the industry and the company’s growth:

Jo Evans, MD of Unite Professionals.

In the last ten years, the industry has seen many changes. one of the most significant being the scrutiny under which case management now comes. We have always welcomed and whole-heartedly embraced new interest and expectations of the services we provide to customers and clients themselves, including the expectations on practices around GDPR, increased emphasis on involving clients in the decisions on what their priorities are for rehabilitation and how this should be provided to them.

Your Rehabilitation, Our Priority

Unite Professionals have always delivered highly individualised assessment and rehabilitation to clients and therefore this emphasis on approach has only served to strengthen our commitment to our strapline “Your rehabilitation, our priority.” We have always striven to understand and keep abreast of the developing commercial interface on which case management is delivered and to ensure that as an independent company we are compliant with the requirements of best and safe practice.

We prioritise investment in our training and conferences, ensuring we have secured balanced views from all areas of the personal injury and compensation industry keeps us abreast of changing legislation and case law emerging, such as LASPO, the discount rate, Loughlin & Singh  and Swift v Carpenter. Unite Professionals are always contemporaneous and thorough in understanding the impact this may have on the industry expectation. We organise training to raise awareness among our talented case managers and team to ensure we are the industry leaders in case management. Increased awareness of how important proactive access to case management services is for clients’ recovery has also helped to raise the profile of the case management industry along with the expected level of competency, which is great to see.

Adjusting to change

Obviously, this year has been completely unlike any other with working from home during the Corona Virus pandemic. But we were very quickly able to activate the business continuity plan, guided by the steady hand and support of Robin Pickard, our new Head of Operations who entered the business on 1st March,  and Nicola Beech who assisted the team to positively embrace the challenge and settle into their stride at home.

Robin Pickard, Head of Operations.

Unite Professionals identified  and  invested in training and implementation of a number of new platforms to ensure not only that we continued to deliver the level of services we are committed to for the clients we support but also so that we as a staff group could keep in touch with each other regularly during the day even though not in the office together.  We worked effectively to ensure compliance and security was prioritised and training cascaded to all case managers and staff on new processes and systems.  

It was inspirational to see how our team were so keen to learn and to continue to be not just good but excellent in delivering our product in a different way.


I’m so proud of the fact that Unite Professionals is one of very few remaining independently owned case management companies in the UK. The industry has experienced many acquisitions and become highly commercial in a number of ways which is never a bad thing and does create other opportunities. We have always striven to independently represent our clients’ needs without relying on – or being restricted by – commercial attachments. Still being a privately owned company gives us that flexibility to respond to changes in the industry and within the company.

We are proud that since 2010 we have achieved year on year growth without changing our core business focus which is strongly aligned to our mission statement. We  have been able to invest increasing resources into our training, systems, database development and staff recruitment  to ensure that we are a 21st century company in terms of delivering a service that can provide a flexible  interface that delivers a service to clients  in a way that suites the needs and preferences of that client.

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Unite Professionals in training.