UPL: Burning bright after ten years

Unite Professionals MD, Jo Evans shares her insight about the UPL community and its achievements approaching their 10th Anniversary.

Jo Evans, MD of Unite Professionals.

The aspect I am most proud of is that the Unite Professionals team still has the same passion, commitment, and ethos  we started out with ten years ago. It’s amazing to look back over the years and realise how significantly we have been able to scale the company up without deviating from our Mission Statement or Values. When we started UPL there were just three of us and today we have an amazing team of 18 staff to support our 38 associate case managers!

It is with pride that I reflect that every member of the Unite Professionals team is committed to the common goal of using their collective skills to safeguard the opportunity to provide the clients we work with a graded sense of control over their aspirations and future.

Looking back on the journey today, it is reassuring to see that the industry we interface with and the case management world itself is (quite rightly) requiring increasing levels of evidence of internal systems and policies to audit and capture compliance and quality of service delivery and accountability, we haven’t lost the ability to quickly flex and remain fluid enough to meet individual customised needs to consistently provide the best possible service.

We started with six clients and now have over 180  – without any disparity in the quality of case management delivery. Every client’s journey is uniquely supported and actualising their client centered goals is critically important to each member of the team. We have stuck to what we are good at and still simply offer one service, case management, because we know we can do it very well.  It is comforting to our team that we deliver an excellent service that is being continually reviewed and improved for the clients we serve and the industry we are accountable to.

It’s amazing to look back over the years and realise how significantly we have been able to scale the company up without deviating from our Mission Statement or Values.

We consistently receive wonderful feedback from the industry, and over the last ten years have been proud to have been recognised within our own Industry awards. Our wonderful Regional Ops Manager Rachel Culyer had her incredible skills recognised  as runner up in the Catastrophic CM of the Year Awards, and more recently Case Manager Jenny Cooper won Clinical Case Manager of the Year.

Jenny Cooper with her Case Manager of the Year award in 2019.

We continue to be recognised within the industry as a “safe pair of hands” for complex or challenging cases because the industry knows that we will provide client centered care first and foremost to mitigate the impact of any injury or disability, and pay close attention to the expectation of a case manager to the commercial proportionality, outcome and sustainability of the pathway of rehabilitation facilitated and supported.

How are you celebrating UPL’s tenth birthday?

We were born on the 22nd of October 2010 but sadly as a result of the pandemic, we can’t dance as a team on our birthday this year. Instead, we’ll have an epic party next year and will get together during our virtual conference this year to reflect on our journey over the 10 years, be proud, remember fondly team members who have supported that journey and moved onto pastures new and recognise and embrace our aspirations for the next 10 years!! We’ve planned an incredible three-day virtual conference with a mixture of industry inspiring  presenters and a mix of live and pre-recorded forums, as well as some ‘UPBites’ from our super talented case managers to enhance our sense of community. We will have training, fun and music from our  wonderful and talented Michael Bickers and his band The Purple Shoes to ensure our culture of getting together over music and dance is not left out, even in the challenging times of 2020.

The UP Team getting in to the country spirit at the 2018 conference

I’m excited to celebrate the talented group of people in the UPL community. Without your commitment, time investment, belief, attention to detail in the service we deliver to clients, we wouldn’t have been able to grow in the way we have and be accessible to so many more people. I think it’s quite a rare thing in society to have this deep level of brand identity, and am so proud to be a part of this unique and loyal team.

The last ten years have been a wonderful chrysalis into a butterfly, yet I feel like this is just the beginning of a new, very exciting phase. I am so proud of our team who is still burning bright after ten years. Thank you to each and every one of you for helping us achieve such aspirational goals and for believing in ‘Your rehabilitation, our priority.”  

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